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We have developed intelligent solutions for the digitisation of jobs and processes to facilitate work and increase efficiency.
We use AI methods and applications to analyse data, recognise patterns, derive rules from data and provide qualified prognoses.
Use various devices to access data, processes and content.
A user-friendly web user interface makes the system and its functions intuitive to use.
Developed for open standards, our system solution can be integrated into existing IT infrastructure like CRM, ERP.
Various selectable system modes provide a suitable system environment for different work scenarios and tasks.
You can switch between various system modes at the touch of a button.
Each mode provides specific functions and resources for a particular work scenario or tasks and thus offers maximum support to users.
All system modes offer the same look & feel.
Single Mode
To set the focus on a single task or presentation you can switch to single mode at the touch of a button.
All controls not needed are faded which helps to concentrate on a single task.
Return to full mode at the touch of a button.
From the user's point of view the various system modes feature a working environment with virtual systems, dashboards and task-specific apps.
We use AI-based methods and applications to increase the benefits of data stored in databases by analysing patterns and relationships and producing efficient prognoses.
Survival Analysis
We use this method in prospective studies to produce predictions of future events and developments.
Machine Learning (ML)
Using machine learning and statistical-analysis methods we develop models that can be trained and used for data analysis and prognoses.
Process Mining
With this data-mining technique we reconstruct and analyse business processes on the basis of data produced by business information systems using Big Data applications.
Descriptive Data Analysis
We use descriptive data analysis to transparently visualise empirical data using key figures or graphics by means of dashboards.
These methods support medical diagnosis and therapies and help optimise operational processes in companies.
The system includes filters which can be controlled via separate easy-to-use control panels.
Thematic Filters
These filters allow filtering content by topics and subtopics.
Task Filters
Tasks can be filtered by specific processing types or procedures.
Competency Filters
Tasks can be filtered according to various performance requirements.
Filter settings are chosen by means of buttons according to individual preferences. An intelligent filter management automatically presents only those filter options which can provide results.
Two efficient assistance systems support processes and tasks in a sophisticated and accurate manner:
Workflow Assistant
This assistant supports all system modes by providing system functions and applications on the basis of the mode chosen, the respective process status and user rights.
Task Assistant
The task assistant provides targeted and graded support for various kinds of tasks by allocating content or applications suiting the respective task.
The assistant works on request and provides support in the order of the support level and the type of support in a separate control panel.
The system features an advanced device detection system which automatically detetcs the type of device used when a user is logging in.
Automatic System Adjustment
When logging in, the system automatically adjusts system functions, content and display options to the type of device used.
Mobile Devices
On mobile devices system functions and content are adjusted to the respective display proportions when the device is being turned from portrait to landscape format or vice versa.
We support companies integrating our solutions into existing IT infrastructure.
System Integration
Our system solution can exchange data with external systems and process them. And it can make applications, data and content available to other systems.
Content Integration
We can make content interactive and make it ready for use with mobile devices.
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